Rudely awoken

I am rudely awoken by the four-year old screaming like a banshee and suspecting a) the house was on fire; b) the ceiling had caved in trapping him or c)a Lego piece was again stuck up his nose , I tripped and stumbled downstairs. I am greeted by only the words ” I want my milk” which was a relief at 6:30 in the morning!

So with Christmas just round the corner I cooked up some of the best mince pies ever today with thanks to Gordon Ramsey

I made them last year and they have seriously good ‘ cannot go wrong’ pastry. I struggle with pastry for some reason but shove all this in the food processor and hey presto perfect pastry.

Now the only problem is where to hide them in the packed out freezer so that the hubby cannot find them!


M x

P.s. He did find them and have had to make another batch…


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