Balthazar’s palace and prunes

Feeling festive yet? We spent the morning drinking hot chocolate , wandering around exotically lit rooms of Balthazar’s Palace at Petworth House and then following a trail in search of elves in its park. I hasten to say the elves were hiding!

To keep in with the exotic theme of the palace and as I have been salivating over the dish since I saw Nigel Slater cook it on TV this week, it just had to be Lamb with Prunes for tea . Hopefully the link below takes you to the bbc website for the recipe.

Lamb with port and prunes


As per usual I did not follow the recipe to the exact letter as missed out the port and cooked it for 3 hours instead of 1 hour in the oven. The photo does not do it justice….juicy, sticky , sweet and seriously scoffed up by the husband, 4 and 1 year olds! I completely licked the pan clean out!

Roll on more festive suppers!

Some pictures of Petworth House for you….




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