Christmas gluttony!

Anyone else feeling like they have slightly overdone it and wanting just to eat fruit salad and vegetables?! We have had a fabulous Christmas with parents and kids and are now left to our own small family of 4 to relish some family time for a few more days.

On our menu has been asian spiced ham, raspberry and lemon trifle,smoked salmon and blinis, parma ham, fig and goats cheese rolls; the obligatory turkey, trimmings and pud, mince pies, christmas cake, chestnut soup and nibbles…no more we groan!!!!

I have to mention the asian ham again , mainly as we will be eating it all week but here is the recipe of pure deliciousness…


1) Take 1 ham and boil until cooked, remove rind and do the criss cross pattern on the fat.

2) Make a rub by grinding up 2 teaspoon coriander seeds, 1 teaspoon dried chilli flakes and 1/2 jar of star anise. Rub into the ham fat and roast for 10 minutes at 180c

3) Next drizzle over a mix of 3 tablespoon of runny honey with 3table spoon of hoisin. Roast for 1 hour further on 180c . I sometimes cover with foil to stop burning half eay through

4) Carve whilst nibbling!

We eat it with cumberland sauce for extra fragrant spice.

I have been rushing between the kitchen and a teething 1 year old ( thanks for the 2 hours sleep on christmas eve night and 3 hours christmas night!) . Now it is time for me as even my husband should be adept enough to manage putting out leftovers! I am going to cosy up with my new Nigel Slaters Kitchen diaries II and a glass of chardonnay in front of a roaring fire (well gas to be precise) for a couple of hours and shall not be disturbed! Only time will tell if it all goes to plan….

Enjoy the holidays and commiserations if you are now back at work!



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