Bubble and Squeak

An early new year’s resolution…BUY LESS FOOD AT CHRISTMAS !!!! We are awash with leftovers, bulging at the seams with chocolate and a packet of Heston’s salted caramel popcorn is screaming at me to be opened!

So in the spirit of economy I feel the need to use the leftovers of Christmas eve and day for bubble and squeak. I believe it is so named because of the noise it makes as it spits fat and fries up in the pan. Generally I am in the habit of having a bag in the freezer where I chuck left over vegetables from meals just for this purpose. It is particularly useful as I have never been one that is brilliant at judging quantities.

So the recipe………

I am not going to tell you quantities or what veg needs to go in this dish. Mine was a random mix of chestnuts, brussels, peas ,roast spuds, carrots, roast parsnips and even pancetta from Christmas meals.I added a bit of chopped apple for sweetness too.

I am guessing a bit of cheese from the board would not be out of place.

I just chuck it in the food processor and blitz to a rough crumb and I mean rough!

Mould the mixture into squashed balls and chuck in a pan with oil to brown off. I used left over goose fat .

Once golden browned put on a baking sheet in the oven at 200c for about 1/2 hour until crispy brown.

Hey presto job done !

Now I enjoyed mine with a peppery salad and a runny egg but the rest of the family were less sophisticated and opted for baked beans and a good squeeze of ketchup. I am trying to educate them !

The meal itself ended with me ducking and diving flying yoghurt as our 1 year old insisted on feeding himself so even less sophistication!





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