2013 Hello ducky!

Fresh air, lovely family , friends and good food what more could you want to start off 2013? With the sun shining we headed down to Southsea prom for some sea air and hot chocolate . Chilly was a slight understatement as the wind was cutting but certainly felt like 2012 was blown away!

In 2012 my son started school and learnt to swim; my baby walked and became a trouble maker ; I gave up work and my husband travelled the globe for work from the Ivory Coast to Buenos Aires whereas I got as far away as Norfolk!

Well I believe we need to start the year off right food wise so Nigel Slater’s Duck with apple , prunes and clementine was devoured and poached pears with a maple marscapone cream. I took photos of some of the process but was too greedy to remember to take photos of the end product!

In Nigel’s kitchen diaries he stuffed the duck with chopped apple, chopped dried prunes, clementine zest and juice. Following roast a gravy is made with some of the stuffing , stock and some alcohol , then pureed . It was delicious…buy the book!

My pears were poached in a light sugar syrup with vanilla extract, 3 cloves and orange peel until soft. I served it with 1 tub marscapone whipped with 2 tablespoons maple syrup and a good squeeze lemon. A bit of shortbread would have been nice too.



Sadly meals going forward will be more frugal and diet driven as the jeans are feeling a little bit tighter post Christmas but I am guessing I am not the only one!! Well the thoughts there but so are the yummy cookbooks full of less healthy recipes!

Happy and a healthy new year to you all!!!


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