My new love….

Oh my goodness! Now I don’t want to brag but I mixed with my hands, kneaded, prooved , plaited, prooved , baked and tucked into cholla bread from Paul Hollywood’s ‘How to bake’. Most of you will have switched off and stopped reading as will say “so what” but for me to have made a plaited loaf …wow! My husband gave it the Paul Hollywood treatment with ” good rise, even texture and no soggy bottoms” ; ok he may have got bread muddled with pastry but hey praise indeed.

Cholla is yeast leavened egg bread traditionally eaten by Jews on the Sabbath but I have been buying it for years from the supermarket as liked its slightly brioche taste. Sorry supermarkets but this woman is now making it as it tastes better!

Ok so that was just one recipe tried from Paul’s book , now what next ? Croissants, spelt loaf, fruitbread…. i can see the waistline dissappearing as I just think about it! I am in love with breadmaking…move over 50 shades , this is a much sexier !!





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