Oxtail rocks!

Just before Christmas a friend of mine was talking about oxtail stew and having never had it before this was a revelation when cooked! What is more its cheap cheap cheap! I guess it is fatty but if left to cool , the excess fat can be skimmed off for the more diet conscious of us who are trying to shift those Christmas pounds.

I am never very exact on quantities of this and that in cooking as tend to taste as I go and add whatever takes my fancy or is in the cupboard at the time. My mum is the same…we had many a dish which was truly delicious but could never be replicated because she could not remember what she had put in it ! I guess this blog is an attempt for me to put some of those dishes down so that I can also remember what I did and so the dish is not lost for ever .

For the stew this time ….

I used about 1.2kg oxtail ( enough for 2 and the freezer)
2 chopped onions
150g dried pitted prunes ( was more but I ate a few before they reached the pan!)
1 heaped tablespoon red currant jelly ( left over from christmas)
2 bay leaf
500ml veg stock ( I would have used chicken or beef but cupboard was bear)
2 long strips orange peel without pith
Juice 1 orange.

I browned the meat and softened the onions in rapeseed oil then chucked the rest in the casserole pot and bunged in the oven on 180c fan for about 3 hours.

What I will say having devoured this unctuous dish, please do not expect elegant eating! Primeval sucking of the oxtails best way forward…my husband is currently still gnawing away , having given in to caveman instincts!





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