Sudanese coffee on a snowy morning

We have had a light sprinkling of snow in Surrey this morning causing great excitement from a 1 year old who had never recalled seeing it and my nearly 5 year old who was hoping for a school closure! Well having slid our way to and from school a warming cup of coffee was called for as well as the restorative nature of caffeine for a Mum up since 4:45.

I first had cardamon spiced coffee about 20 years ago in a small unlicensed Sudanese cafe in Notting Hill called Mandola Cafe . Who knows what this little restaurant is like now but back then it was so popular that Madonna was even reputed to savour its delights. There were only a few tables but the food was exotic and the coffee spiced.

Ever since this time, I have at times added cardamon or ginger or both to coffee to give it an extra kick. It is far superior to all those overly sweet syrups favoured by ghastly chain coffee shops .

I literally just add 3 – 5 cardamon pods and a few slivers of fresh ginger to the coffee , infuse and then drink in its warmth . Have a go it won’t disappoint!

A few early morning snaps of the garden and my poor rainbow chard hiding under a sprinkling for you as well.




3 responses to “Sudanese coffee on a snowy morning

  1. Hi Melanie, I’m so glad you reminded me about Sudanese coffee. We lived in Khartoum for 2 years and it was one of our staples. Such a delicious, unusual flavor … and perfect for a chilly morning. I also love your photos. Will the rainbow chard recover from the snow? All the Best, Terri

  2. Thank you Terri! Having looked on the net , not the most traditionally made but works for me! Hope you are now enjoying a mugful yourselves! Fingers crossed for the chard but more worried about last year’s planted globe artichokes currently!

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