A bit fruity!



What do you think? A cup of tea with this at 3:00pm? Will that restore your waning work energy? The temptation of course is to plough your way right through the whole loaf being so light and is why most is in the freezer now !

Paul Hollywood’s How to Bake strikes again but this time no hand kneading etc as the mix is too wet so a mixer with dough hooks is required.Still I was in a bit of a sticky mess by the time it got to the oven but hey isn’t that half the fun of baking?!

So if the weather reports for the home counties are accurate , we will be knee deep in snow here by the weekend so maybe snowman building and sledging are on the cards! And not forgetting a big steaming hot chocolate with perhaps just one more slice of fruit bread……


2 responses to “A bit fruity!

  1. Looks delicious! And coupled with hot chocolate, it’s an ideal combination. Have fun in the snow. It’s been years since we’ve seen any. Wish I could fly over and build a snowman with the boys!

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