Hot and spicy pork broth for a cold

Move over Paul Hollywood, Nigel Slater is back in command in the kitchen!

We had Nigel’s roast pork , slow roasted with star anise , ginger and stock for Sunday lunch.MWAHHHHHH! Seriously good smell in the house apparently which because of being bunged up with cold I was unable to appreciate.

Nigel suggested using the gel like stock left over for a spicy soup. So I added veg stock, shredded pork , fresh chilli and spinach and heated through. Even if it did not cure the cold , I was able to feel the heat of the chilli and taste the spices from the roast. Delicious and must be restorative surely?!

So until they find a cure for the common cold , I will resort to trying to purge it out with spice! I will also admit to trying some wacky ideas like rubbing vicks on the soles of my feet( did not stop the cough unsurprisingly and the family complained that I smelt like a pine forest all day)!



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