Melting moments

I always think there is something magical when the snow starts to disappear and the garden stretches itself back into life. The green of the grass that gets totally ignored most of the year looks shockingly vibrant. Even birds seem to have started to sing again. maybe of course that we nolonger have a cat and that they feel brave enough to come back in!

With the snow melt there have been a couple of melting moments this week .A friend’s baby was born at 28 weeks and is doing well; my friend requiring open heart surgery at the same time and now on the road to recovery as well as being a new Mum again. With these momentous events the little niggles in life start to feel less important in comparison and act as a reminder that we should all just cherish what we have rather than creating endless lists of moans and groans to share.

To lighten the day, something sweet and meltingly good was called for along with a decent cup of Earl Grey! I remember these biscuits as a child ; my son I think will also remember them as seeing me make them is yelling “I love these biscuits” and “are they cooked yet”! Quick and easy to make but even easier to devour!


Heat oven to 180c
makes about 10 – 12 biscuits

140g self raising flour
140g butter
85g caster sugar
2tsp vanilla essence
Oats or desicated coconut
Glace cherry

Cream sugar and butter together.
Mix in vanilla essence .
Mix in flour
Roll into walnut size balls and roll again in the oats, place on baking sheet lined with baking patchment
Flatten slighly and adorn with 1/2 glace cherry

Bake for 10 – 15 minutes until golden





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