Grandpa’s rock cakes from the beach hut

My grandparents lived well into their 90s . In his younger days Grandpa had wanted to join the Navy but was deemed medically unfit so worked in Swindon for Great Western Railways eventually as chief auditor. His desire for the sea never left him so on retirement moved lock stock and barrel to Paignton, Devon.… Continue reading Grandpa’s rock cakes from the beach hut

Decadent Spiced Chocolate Cake and Bubbles

I have been eyeing up the Nigella’s spiced chocolate cake in the freezer that was made but not used for Christmas for some weeks now. Finally an excuse to sink my teeth in and enjoy its chocolatety richness and dense fudginess…my mother in laws birthday! It gingerly balanced on my husband’s lap as we drove… Continue reading Decadent Spiced Chocolate Cake and Bubbles

In the deep dark forest…..

There is a forest with a hidden secret…… If you look really hard…… The wise old owl announces his larger than life presence…. With a bit more searching….. Woody woodpecker may make an appearance But be very careful as this is also the home of a giant…. He may not be happy if you play… Continue reading In the deep dark forest…..

Keeping us together….

I like to think we are a fairly normal family of good values and a healthy view on life, but there is one aspect we struggle on….eating together. It feels like it is just the preserve of weekends and holidays which given the amount of press on ” the family that eats together stays together”… Continue reading Keeping us together….

Recipes at Littlehampton beach

Who would have thought that you would go for a walk along the quay in Littlehampton and come across waymarkers with fish recipes enscribed on their surface! Had me salivating and will one day cook the recipes snapped in the photos below. These waymarkers and the explosion of award winning architecture on its beach front… Continue reading Recipes at Littlehampton beach