This is real life and calamari !

This is real life , we cannot be a domestic goddess 24/7! After a long day and being on the go since 6am I am ready for collapse by 8:00. I feel I have tidied the house of toys 100 times and still left with a heap that my 1 year old discarded.


My husband is late home from work as interviewing for staff at 6pm. My 1 year old has not grasped the notion of being put to bed means going to sleep and an hour later has finally drifted to the land of nod. Thankfully his elder brother does sleep.
Have I grappled with exotic ingredients, whisked up a soufflé? …hell no! I have ripped open a packet of salad, torn open a packet of frozen calamari and scattered with chopped up chlli and bunged in the oven. That is it ! I am too tired for being a model housewife. The husband will just have to buy a take away on the way home for I am sitting down and not shifting!





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