Oh so naughty but nice chocolate cake!!

Now we all have a view on Nigella.It is a bit like marmite , you either love her or hate her! Personally I love her recipe books and was given ” How to be a domestic goddess” as part of a leaving present from work recently. It has been exciting to be at home full time now with the kids but I am still tinged with some sadness at having left probably the best job I have had. I miss the people but also the environment…how many people work in a Jacobean mansion with extensive gardens and stunning surrounding countryside ?

Well I digress so back to the best ever chocolate loaf cake in my opinion but also my friends who have eaten it and have often requested the recipe . It can be found here .But also in that book ‘How to be a domestic goddess. The cake is to keep the Mums and Dads happy at our son’s 5th birthday party this Saturday and entice them to stay,so a coffee and cake is the way forward!

I write this post as it bakes in the oven and the smell not to dissimilar to Terry’s chocolate orange ,is driving all of us to distraction!

Dense Chocolate loaf

225g soft unsalted butter
375g dark muscovado sugar
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
100g best dark chocolate melted
200g plain flour
1teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
250ml boiling water

However I replaced the vanilla extract with zest of 2 oranges and 1 tablespoon orange extract( it may seem alot but really wanted to taste the orange through the dark chocolate)

Preheat oven to 190c / gasmark 5.
Line a 23x13x7cm loaf tin

Cream the butter and sugar
Beat in eggs and vanilla extract
Fold in melted chocolate but do not over beat
Gently add flour with added bicarb spoon by spoon alternating with hoiling water
You will have a very liquid batter to pour into tin

Bake for 30 mnutes then turn oven down to 170c/ gas mark 3 and bake for a further 15 mins

The loaf will be squidgy so if tested with a skewer will not be clean.

Leave to cool in tin

Dig in!

A few pictures before I have to put the cake in the freezer for Saturday and of my old work place.






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