Cannot beet it!

I used to hate beetroot as a child. It came swimming in vinegar in the jar and was brought out with salad. The taste then made me shudder but now….my taste buds must have changed over the years as now will actively grow it in the garden and have even been known to have it in a sandwich!!

I was reading a new blog DISH by S and the first posting was for beetroot soup and can be read here. It is such an under used vegetable so when I was in a supermarket I picked up a recipe card for Beetroot Risotto and hey presto a marriage was made between this and the creamy accompaniment from Dish by S’s dish!

The recipe calls for a bulb of fennel In addition to the beetroot.This vegetable is always in our vegetable tray as have to have it with fish, in a butternut squash and fennel lasagne, with prawn and fennel risotto, sliced in salad….You probably can guess I love fennel now!

For the fennel and goats cheese cream by DISH by S , some conversion to UK measures from American cups was called for so hopefully have correct quantities.

Fennel Cream by DISH by S

I bulb of fennel , medium dice
120 ml double cream
120 ml sour cream
110 g soft goats cheese
2 tbsp fennel fronds finely chopped

Sauté fennel in oil for about 10 Minutes , being careful not to colour
Add double cream and simmer until reduced by half
Stir in goats cheese
press mixture through a sieve to remove fennel pieces
Stir in sour cream and season with seasalt.
Mix in fennel fronds
Chill in fridge until required

I am a mum with 2 smalls hanging off me so blended the fennel with a stick blender as life was too short today to be pressing fennel through a sieve! It is not as smooth as DISH by S but delicious all the same!

Adapted Waitrose’s Super beetroot risotto

1 onion , finely chopped
500 ml veg stock
250 g reafy to eat beetroot, grated
1large garlic clove
150g arborio risotto rice
100ml red wine
1 tbsp parmesan finely grated

Heat stock with 100 ml water in a pan with half grated beetroot.Keep warm
Gently cook onion in oil until soft then add garlic then stir in rice
gradually add the beetroot stock ladleful by ladleful, allowing rice to absorb stock before next addition
When most of stock added , fold in remainder of grated beetroot and cook until creamy risotto consistancy.
Stir through parmesan

Top with the fennel and goats cheese cream by DISH by S….mmmmmmm!

Note to self. It is always helpful to check you have the risotto rice in the cupboard before cooking so you do not need to go begging at the neighbours!






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