9 Batmen, 1 superman, 2 spidermen and a cake


I know I am a girl but I do have a secret liking for the 1960s Batman series on TV which I would watch avidly on Saturday mornings in the 1970s before the realm of children’s morning TV. If you are too young to know or old enough to remember you can watch an episode here. Luckily for us my now 5 year old is completely obsessed in only the way a small child could be, with all things batman.

It was no surprise then when he wanted a batman party with specific request for a batman cake. He did well this week for cake as needed 1 for his actual birthday and 1 for his party.

I followed a Nigella recipe for birthday cake found here then filled it with a layer of raspberry jam, fresh raspberries and buttercream and then coated it in milk chocolate. Delicious particularly as the fresh raspberries added a sharpness to the mix.

I am afraid that the Batman cake for his party was a Tesco’s purchase as too much organising of the party to make another and you may have spotted I already made a chocolate orange cake earlier for the Mums staying for a natter( all consumed quickly!)

The party was full of 12 boys all dressed up and going crazy ! No punch ups fortunately! They were under the parachute for some time and apparently it was a secret what they were up to but there was a lot of screaming and laughter!




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