Shhh don’t tell my husband but this is what I had for lunch!

We all have a guilty secret indulgence , don’t we? Well mine happens to be of the king prawn variety from our local fishmonger! Sadly the fishmonger is a rarity on the high street these days with supermarkets taking over with pre packed fish. I grew up in Exeter , Devon ,which is about 15 minutes from the coast however even this largish city only sports 1 fishmonger which still is a surprise coming from a coastal county. The supermarket cannot tell you where the fish came from or when it was caught whereas your smily fishmonger will most likely be pleased to have been asked. Off the soap box now but buying local always best!

The king prawns weigh in expensive but once in a blue moon when my husband is having a swanky work lunch somewhere , I feel I deserve it rather than the mug of veg stock with a slice or 2 of marmite toast!

I have been salivating over these little critters since reading a post on langoustine . Ok they are not the same but in langoustine’s absense the next best thing!! There is something glorious about peeling off the skin and licking fingers clean of all the yummy juices.

The post I read about was on the wonderful blog My French Heaven under the title of ” shrimps on steroids”

Mine were lightly fried until pink in olive oil, chilli and heavy handed chopped garlic with a sprinkling of parsley for good measure. All the pan juices were poured over the rocket and spinach leaves and mopped up by the homemade spelt loaf.Lip smackingly good!

Bon appetit dear husband!




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