Weekend jumble cake

Thank goodness it is the weekend…its been a loooonnnnggg week! The 5 year old is tired from school and it is now half term holiday so hopefully the grumpy bug will disappear! To aid this after school baking required!

The boys of the house need cake at the weekend for a mid football training snack; post walk munch; just because they are stick thin and can ;and for tea & cake in front of the fire for Sunday afternoon tv if wet. My resistance to eating it is usually futile but try to carve a slimmer piece!

This recipe is years old. Mum used to bake it when I was a nipper. I have no idea where it comes from as was just scribbles in her recipe book that I in turn must have copied. The addition of sugar cubes means they semi melt into crunchy slightly caramelised nuggets in the cake…a winner!


6oz (175g) softened butter
4oz (125g) Caster sugar
2 eggs
8 oz (200g) self-raising flour
A good pinch of salt
3 tablespoons of milk
1/2 lb (250g) mixed dried fruit ( I soak it in weak black earl grey tea for extra juiciness or something alcoholic could add another dimension!!)
2oz (50g) plain chocolate chopped into chunks
2oz (50g) sugar cubes
A deep round 7 inch cake tin, lined and greased

1. Cream butter and sugar
2. Add eggs
3 Stir in flour and salt
4. Stir in milk
5. Stir in fruit, chocolate and sugar cubes
6. Bake at 160 C for about 1 1/2 hours but I would check at 1 1/4 hrs and cover with foil if not ready or looking like it might burn!

Munch munch munch!!!










7 responses to “Weekend jumble cake

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  2. Hello there sugar n spice,
    Your mums recipe for Jumble cake probably came from a copy of Womans Weekly magazine from many years ago….in my early years of married life I used to buy that mag every week and I make it fairly regularly over the last forty odd years! It really is good, isn’t it?
    Hope this helps a bit as I am always curious where recipes come from…Gail

  3. So glad to find this recipe online, I accidentally threw away my Grannie’s handwritten version from the 1950’s!

  4. I, like your Mum, copied it from… I can’t remember where! I used to make this for my children, they thought it scrumptious! I had lost my copy so finding you via Google was amazing. Thank you very much for sharing it with us all. I am 78 now but can’t resist cooking it again, but eating it sparingly. Looking at your pics, which are lovely, I thought i spied glacé cherries? Was I imagining it and if so does it work? Thanks again. Kacy

    • Definitely. I have altered the ingredients over time but as long as the sugar cubes and chocolate bits are in ,then a winner! It’s our going on holiday cake!

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