Recipes at Littlehampton beach

Who would have thought that you would go for a walk along the quay in Littlehampton and come across waymarkers with fish recipes enscribed on their surface! Had me salivating and will one day cook the recipes snapped in the photos below.

These waymarkers and the explosion of award winning architecture on its beach front , make Littlehampton my favourite place for this week anyway.

The East Beach Cafe was designed by Thomas Heatherwick ( he incidentally designed the London 2012 Olympic cauldron) to resemble driftwood. It cuts a stark contrast to the flatness of the prom. Inside it feels like you are in a seashell with undulating white walls. I loved it just like I admire the curves of the Guggenheim in NY but also because it does a hearty slab of rocky road in its cafe!

Along the prom is The Longest Bench and at 324 meters is the longest in the UK. It ends in a beach shelter which was being used as a climbing frame by kids…it was certainly tempting to join in !

So here are a few snaps of our sunny day out…..

The East Beach Cafe


The Longest Bench


The boys , the beach, River Arun and recipes











3 responses to “Recipes at Littlehampton beach

  1. What a fun day! The design of the cafe is fantastic. Everyone has a view of the sea. It would be tempting to sit there for hours and relax with all of that light pouring in. And the longest bench is a great idea. I love how colorful the timbers are. What a neat place!

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