Grandpa’s rock cakes from the beach hut

Paignton Beach Huts

Paignton Beach Huts (Photo credit: johnmuk)

My grandparents lived well into their 90s . In his younger days Grandpa had wanted to join the Navy but was deemed medically unfit so worked in Swindon for Great Western Railways eventually as chief auditor. His desire for the sea never left him so on retirement moved lock stock and barrel to Paignton, Devon. They owned a small bungalow high on a hill where you could see the bay and its sheltering oil tankers from a lounge window. They also had a quaint beach hut on Preston Sands where we would sit eat fish and chips and all things naughty after surfing the waves or building sandcastles.

English: Preston Sands in Paignton.

English: Preston Sands in Paignton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grandpa had a passion for rock cakes and many a tea was consumed by his own home made morsels. During the war when eggs were a prize commodity they were popular as only 1 egg was required, which I guess when his passion was started. Our tastes have changed as he always used lard for fat and to me it now gives a slightly strange beef sweetness, so in his following recipe , I have swapped it for butter. By all means try the lard for that 1940s taste!

Grandpa’s rock cakes
10 oz self raising flour
6 oz butter
5 oz demerera sugar
4 oz mixed fruit
1 egg beaten

Rub butter into flour ( or blitz in processor)
Add sugar and fruit
Mix together with beaten egg
Pile in rock like lumps onto prepared baking sheet
Bake at 200c for 15 mins until golden



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