Easter Tea

The day should have run as leisurely breakfast with boiled egg, church, relaxed lunch , scoffing of chocolate eggs, walk by the sea and tea. Everyone happy and full of Easter joy! The day ran sobbing baby, passed out baby, screaming baby all trapped in house, duty doctor at hospital and then miraculously happy baby… Continue reading Easter Tea

Postcards from Beer, East Devon

We popped down to Beer this afternoon to clear the lungs, look in some art galleries and throw pebbles in the sea.It is a traditional Devon working fishing village where the mackeral , crab and lobster fishing fleet are winched up onto the shingle beach every night as seen in the photos. Its sheltered isolated… Continue reading Postcards from Beer, East Devon

Easter cooking with Nanny

Home for Easter and every child most definitely wants to make chocolate nests with eggs and every parent wants to eat them! There was definitely no fuss made to go for a walk to buy chocolate in freezing temperatures despite a coveted power rangers comic sitting waiting to be read. They went Into the kitchen… Continue reading Easter cooking with Nanny

My birthday in pictures

“It is not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.” Abraham Lincoln It’s my birthday and have been utterly touched by friends who have made a delicious coffee and walnut cake, given me flowers, given me baking books and equipment and have generally been lovely today. My family have… Continue reading My birthday in pictures

Our Family’s First Egg Tree

We made a few crafty eggs at the weekend ( see post) and finally got around to making our first tree. There must have been a rush on pussy willow as 2nd day of searching and several florists in ,we finally secured some stems. I had a friend for a farewell lunch as she returns… Continue reading Our Family’s First Egg Tree

Egg craft for Easter

With Easter just in sight and atrocious weather today, Saturday ( 21degrees this time last year, heavy snow today; is it any wonder us Brits talk so much about the weather!), an afternoon of making eggs for an Easter Tree was called for. Easter egg trees sprung originally from Germany but have just started to… Continue reading Egg craft for Easter

Samphire and Skate

English: Northern edge of Morston Salt Marsh Looking across the mouth of Morston Creek, into Blakeney Harbour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] I have only in recent years discovered samphire which grows natively in the UK around our estuarys. I like its succulent texture , saltiness and slightly asparagus taste. Luckily our local fishmonger is my source… Continue reading Samphire and Skate