No more milk thank you.

It has been such a learning curve the last 6 weeks. Now those of you who have swung by this blog will have possibly noticed my passion for cooking. I have never been one to be concerned about ingredients other than from a calorie point of view, however I have now been flung into unknown territory! My youngest was diagnosed with a cows milk protein allergy some 6 weeks ago and was immediately started on a dairy free diet. This was initially music to our ears as having had over a year of waking screaming 3-4 times a night, constant vomiting and eczema ; to be told by health visitors that it was just behavioural , we no longer thought we were going mad but had something we could do about it! Believe you me it has been a miracle diagnosis as meant he is nearly sleeping through; I have been able to stop breast feeding, he is no longer grumpy nor poorly every time we feed him.

Fortunately we are lucky enough to have been referred to a lovely paediatrician, dietician and now speech/ language therapist as struggling generally with chewing / swallowing as a result of constantly vomiting. Thank goodness for the NHS.

You would initially think just cutting out cows milk, butters, yoghurts etc was straight forward until you realise it is lurking absolutely everywhere disguised in vegetable stocks, sausages, on produced made on the same conveyor belt as dairy in factories. My supermarket shop is an endless scrutiny of labels , some with obvious allergy signage others claiming milk free but then having lactic acid within them.

Just to add another dimension, as an ever doting mother I whisked up some homemade hummus only to find he is severely allergic needing hospitalisation ; so legumes, nuts and seeds are out of the equation. Oh happy days.

So in a bid to try out a dairy free butter today, an apple crumble with oat milk cream! Well its Sunday and the roast is in the oven ( Lamb wafting around the house currently) and you need a pud !

The lamb was roasted with garlic and rosemary from the garden, eaten by the 1 year old with a farm set lego fork where as the experiment in dairy free crumble mix with oat cream was a triumph over sceptism!





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