Paper flights of fancy

As a child expectations were always high but the result of a paper airplane flight usually ended in great disappointment. There only appeared to be one design that we all followed time and time again without success despite modification of wings , addition of paperclips and a lot of ambition!

Everything changed when my son was given The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes which has given us hours of paper airplane flights with great results. He is a little young at 5 for the folds but I am now an expert and also relish the competition between us when flying different models. Unfortunately my 1 year old likes the scrunch and chew version of the paper airplane which normally ends in disaster!

So to help all frustrated model airplane makers here is an example from the book to click on and fold…. They are for indoor take off today as it has decided to go from Spring to Winter again with heavy snow falling.

The Nakamura Lock by Klutz…great flyer , can achieve 20 ft in our house ,only nose diving due to a wall!




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