Beetroot and Smoked Salmon marriage


I have developed an aversion to the bog standard sandwich. Yes I love those calorie packed “pret a manger ” goodies but the fact I live in a small rural market town which still quite rightly clings to its independent shops, means there is not one in sight for 20 miles. I am bored of cheese or ham or tuna and crave more from my lunchtime nibble.

There were some scraps of smoked salmon , an unopened packet of beetroot and a nugget of ginger lurking in the fridge so this was today’s offering:

Beetroot and Smoked Salmon Salad
However much salmon you fancy
However much sliced untainted beetroot you want coated in a splash of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, a sprinkling of salt and a grinding of pepper
However much grated root ginger you can take
Handful of salad leaves
A slice of decent bread, home made would be good.

Making it….
Take 1 decent plate
Scatter on the salmon
Place on the sliced beetroot
Grate the root ginger over
Top off with salad and a good slice of bread

I eat this dreaming of summer and a chilled glass of wine whlist in reality I sit hiding from the rain , drinking my tap water and singing nursery rhymes to my teething toddler!


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