Egg craft for Easter

Deutsch: Saalfelder Eierbaum (2009) - mit 9200...

Deutsch: Saalfelder Eierbaum (2009) – mit 9200 Eiern. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With Easter just in sight and atrocious weather today, Saturday ( 21degrees this time last year, heavy snow today; is it any wonder us Brits talk so much about the weather!), an afternoon of making eggs for an Easter Tree was called for.

Easter egg trees sprung originally from Germany but have just started to be appear in Uk households . I am sure having done one this year that a new family tradition will have been born.The above photo of Volker Kraft’s tree was started by him in 1965 and has a collection of 10000 handcrafted eggs . We will start with a mere 10 !

Glue , polystyrene eggs of various sizes, stripy pastel wool, pretty ribbons and braid, tissue paper and stickers: we were armed for eggs! I was absorbed but my 5 year old decided he did not like sticky hands so after only 20 minutes of tissue sticking wrestling his younger brother seemed more attractive!
I must admit I am surprised how quick the wool wrapped eggs are to make and before I knew it had clocked up 3. So a few more to finish and then tomorrow a hunt for some pussy willow stems from which to hang them.

A few pictorial snaps of one eggs progress for you….







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