Comforting sausage casserole

The Germans have their bratwurst, the French their saucisson but us Brits have the Great British Banger! Now I love bangers and mash but sometimes you need a casserole too so an internet search later I fell on the following recipe. You have to try it ! Comfort food in the extreme with the sauce… Continue reading Comforting sausage casserole

Weekly photo challenge : Culture

“This week’s photo challenge is guest hosted by Aaron Joel Santos. Culture. Culture is a bit of a loaded word. In a photograph, it can embody everything and nothing. So where do we draw the line? Shopping culture, hippy culture, Asian culture, Thai culture, ancient culture, and on and on. These phrases have different meanings.… Continue reading Weekly photo challenge : Culture

Chocolate marble cake for tea

I have play dates coming out of my ears today…one for me and one for my 5 year old. It would be wrong not to provide cake wouldn’t it?! Marble cake is the way forward with its rich vanilla cake and chocolate swirl…well it should have been a swirl but ended up more like a… Continue reading Chocolate marble cake for tea

Sunday’s italian pot roast beef, Monday’s rustic pasta.

Bored with roast beef and yorkshire puds, I decided to venture into the memory banks and retrieve a pot roasted beef that I made in a small hotel kitchen in Tuscany with the chef. I was on a walking holiday in my late 20s for which we walked during the day and then had the… Continue reading Sunday’s italian pot roast beef, Monday’s rustic pasta.

Postcards from Southsea

We sat under cloudless skies in brilliant sunshine pondering on the seascape and activity: The Isle of Wight was the clearest I have seen from the mainland; Portsmouth’s Spinnaker tower;  victorian Spitbank Fort in the sea now a luxury hotel; the luxury cruiseliner off on its travels; the beach ; the pier; the hovercraft on… Continue reading Postcards from Southsea

Weekly photo challenge : Up

This shot is of our then 4 year old at an annual rural fair last summer where the ground was sodden with water hence the wellies. He was apparently a natural climber even in wellies and was his first go…unfortunately he discovered he does not like heights so probably ended his climbing career!