It is the simple things in life…

We are all in the habit of making our lives far too complex and stressful. Our family are the worst offenders at having an itinerary for every moment of our precious weekends rather than just enjoying what we have, slowing down and staying put.

Today was a day for simplicity with the sun making an appearance and the first feelings of warmth in the air; pruning the shrubs; giving the grasses a hair cut; kids digging the veg patch with their Dad; the lawn being mown; having time to admire the colours in shrubs ( my favourite euphorbia characias against my Pittosporum “tom thumb “) ; just ‘being’ with people you love…today was not the day for complicated cooking or living.



It has felt good to breathe life back into the garden . We now have the pleasure of choosing what vegetables to plant again so that we can again enjoy the anticipation of whether a plant will bear veg ; so that I can enjoy quietly pottering and picking produce then dishing up fresh tasting meals over the summer months.


For me it is just the simple things in life that give much more pleasure. I look at different books and blog sites of the most amazing recipes with the most delicious ingredients and yet it is sometimes doing nothing to the ingredients and serving as nature intended which wins through.

So after enjoying the colours of the garden and freshly dug beds, we settled down to a Nigel Slater’s Braised neck of lamb with apricot and cinammon and a good helping of my favourite pudding, just simple fruit salad.



2 responses to “It is the simple things in life…

  1. Very nice work…………I agree, it is the simpler things that appeal to me most now…………why does it take 30 years to figure that out? :O) Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

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