Postcard from Dylan Thomas

Dylan lived in Laugharne in Camarthanshire where we have been staying for the last week. It is thought to be his Llareggub from his Under Milk Wood . “Outside, the sun springs down on the rough and tumbling town. It runs through the hedges of Goosegog Lane, cuffing the birds to sing. Spring whips green… Continue reading Postcard from Dylan Thomas

Postcards from the Great Glasshouse

Rising out of the ground , and looking not too disimilar to the preschoolers teletubby home, is the great glasshouse at the National Botatinical Gardens of Wales. Here are a few snaps of its plants in the dry heat.

Postcards from Tenby

I was 4 the last time I came to Tenby. I won a sandcastle competition by building a sand boat, swam with arm bands, and was very naughty and pushed another child off a swing for which at 43 I can still remember the telling off I got from Dad!

Look at the moon!

I am definitely not the world’s best photographer but you have got to look at this moon ! Yes the picture quality is not great but look how stunning it is with the reflection on the water! I have never seen it look like this. One up for Wales where we are holidaying!