Saturday fun

He looked taller on the television and slightly strained at the prospect of signing 1000+children’s  cards and answering their questions. My eldest painted a pot and potted some dill with him , then asked “how do you make a beanstalk grow as big as the giant’s?” . Poor man had probably been asked that by a child thousands of times but he answered sweetly and told him we needed a lot of manure. My son was a happy chappy.

Alan Titchmarsh, famed in the UK as a TV gardener and presenter, helped run a ” Grow for It ” event at a local school yesterday. We met friends ;painted pots and ladybird rocks; pond dipped; bug hunted; made bird feeders out of fir cones, lard and seed. ;ran about and the kids rolled down slopes.

Home , happy and muddy!
Alan Titchmarsh



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