Samurai warrior sewing project

I needed a project. Well to be honest I always need a project to keep my brain busy . As a small child it was first the knitting dolly, then the woollen pom poms, then embroidery, next knitting as a teenager, then silk painting as a young adult, then came the cooking, gardening , house renovation, bread making, blogging and now the sewing! I am just not good at doing nothing.

I unsuspectingly got hooked on the BBC’s Great British Sewing Bee so it was only time before I was tempted!

We have a small but perfectly packed haberdashery shop walking distance from my house so before school pick up I rooted through the drawers of patterns and what was meant to be a simple dog draught excluder turned into a slightly more complicated range of knights’ outfits for my son!

So the small boy deliberated for some time with a cookie and milk ,and came to the conclusion he wanted to be a fearsome samurai knight . Back to the shop and he chose some red velvety fabric with black twinkly sleeves and black armour.

So today while he was at school and the even smaller one slept, I cut out the pattern pieces for the tunic, played with bondaweb and motif , and applied said motif to tunic front. That was the easy bit now have to sew and line the tunic!

It is probably a dangerous move blogging on this as could all go horribly wrong!






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