Busy bee Saturday and my new envelope cushions

Ok so I have become a little hooked on sewing this last fortnight. I am still aiming to run up my son’s costume (see post) but thought I should revitalise my skills by starting simply with a couple of cushions.

Lauren Guthrie, one of the finalists on the BBC’s Great British Sewing Bee, has opened a fantastic shop with an online store Guthrie & Ghani .  Be warned the fabrics are gorgeous and it is just too easy to click buy buy buy!

Their tiny leaf fabric called to me as seemed to match everything in our family room so a couple of envelope cushions for you. They are super easy and took just 45 minutes to complete!

40cm Envelope Cushion

So here’s the fabric out of which cut 1 square 42cm x 42cm; and 2 panels 42cm x 35cm.

Next using the 2 smaller panels fold over and press a 1 cm hem on each, then fold over on itself again and press to create a double hem. Machine stitch this double hem.


Now with right sides facing place the 2 smaller panels on the main cushion panel so that they overlap to create the envelope with the hemmed edges centrally placed. Pin

Stitch 1 cm from the edge all the way around the cushion square.

Snip the corners off diagonally to enable sharp cushion corners.

Press open the seams for sharper edges

Turn and stuff a 40cm x 40 cm pad into the envelope. Plump and admire!



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