Weekly photo challenge

This weeks challenge is “companionable” . This photo shows a rare moment of my then 4 year old and a friend just sitting quietly watching the world go by and chatting. It lasted all of a few minutes and then frantic running and tree climbing took place! Advertisements

Scrummy strawberry jam

So first it was the rhubarb and ginger, then the strawberries were temptingly on offer in the supermarket and next we have more jam in the larder. My husband said no more but I am sure there is more fruit I can boil away before the season is out! If I had known jam making… Continue reading Scrummy strawberry jam

Beetroot tarte tatin

We seem to have eaten way too much meat so a vegetable based meal was called for last Friday. I have been eyeing up a beetroot tarte tatin for about a year now but just did not have the guts to have a whirl until now. I have to say it was ever so easy… Continue reading Beetroot tarte tatin

Good old digestive biscuit

My youngest started at nursery a day a week which is great fun for the chef trying to cater for his and others allergies so that the kids do not feel different. Having given her some egg and dairy free recipes that do not taste awful, here is the next to wind its way to… Continue reading Good old digestive biscuit