Father’s Day Wagyu Burger

Wagyu bull

Wagyu bull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now when my husband said he wanted a burger for tea on Father’s Day we were originally thinking Tesco’s Finest until we went for a shop in Petworth and wandered into The Hungry Guest . Now himself being a steak connoisseur and having tried it all around the world , Buenos Aires being his favourite for a prime piece , he almost cried in the butchers  when he saw Wagyu Burgers on sale. Four were sold pretty quickly at a whooping £6 each but was justified as being for Father’s Day and we cannot eat out due to the rebellious nature of our near 2 year old.

Now what is all the fuss about….well even raw and minced they remain deeply marbled with fat and looked different.On frying very gently the meat oozed its fat and juices until it was time for savouring. First mouthful in and the meat just melted in the mouth leaving a very distinctive butteriness and was probably the richest tasting beef I have had…one burger was probably enough but we had two to carry on savouring!

So all in all I can now see what all the fuss is about! Apparently The Hungry Guest is stocking Dexter beef soon…..
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