Wordless Wednesday



If only you could smell this!

Warm vanilla and rosemary notes scent the air as this comes out the oven! Delicious! Now I love rosemary. There is a house we walk by with a rosemary hedge at the front and I will confess I will often pull a bit off to rub and smell in my hands.I have even caught my… Continue reading If only you could smell this!

Weekly photo challenge : fresh

This weeks photo challenge is ” fresh”.  I had a conversation with a school mum last week whose husband is currently in Uganda for the next fortnight. He is involved in providing fresh running water to a school in a rural region where the children previously have had no access. Yes we all moaned last… Continue reading Weekly photo challenge : fresh

The garden of earthly delights

The vegetable garden has gone mad in this heat. It really seems to be liking the 30 degree temperatures unlike it’s carers who are now looking forward to a good thunder storm to clear the air! We have been blessed with 5 cauliflower so loads of cauliflower cheese with bacon and pasta. We have had… Continue reading The garden of earthly delights

Too hot to really cook

So a week went by being absorbed in heat and children. Too hot to cook, too hot to think and still too hot at 30 degrees in little old Britain. I am still exploring food that my toddler will eat that is free of dairy and egg, and needing something ultra quick, we had corned… Continue reading Too hot to really cook