Weekly photo challenge : fresh

This weeks photo challenge is ” fresh”.  I had a conversation with a school mum last week whose husband is currently in Uganda for the next fortnight. He is involved in providing fresh running water to a school in a rural region where the children previously have had no access.

Yes we all moaned last year about the hose pipe ban but this is nothing when it is put in perspective.

We are lucky to just go to a tap , turn it on and hey presto out comes fresh water. We are lucky not to even have to think about filling the paddling pool or about spraying our children in fun with the hose to cool down. We take it for granted in the UK that it is just there. We are the fortunate ones.


3 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge : fresh

  1. We are indeed the lucky ones. When I went to my ancestral village in Nigeria I carried water in a pot on my head from the village spring two miles away. It was fun for me but it wouldn’t be if it was part of life.


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