Postcards from the Kirkstone Pass

It was a day like today that I really miss hill walking. With a 1 year old in tow , the boots are gathering dust as our walks tend to be walk a meter and “look at that interesting stone on the ground”, walk another meter and ” hey what is down that drain ” and so on.

Hence we drove up and over the highest road over the Kirkstone pass at 1489ft on route to Ullswater. Now we could have taken “The Struggle” which is aptly named but my husband a keen cyclist was looking kindly at any kin folk and worried that we might stop them as they struggled the 1 in 4 route, so a pretty drive up from Troutbeck .

With stunning views at the top of The Struggle and Windermere and also towards Brothers Water we were not disappointed as we slid down the road, passing cars waiting for the AA to mend their puffed out engines.


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