Our roasted heritage carrots

Having been inspired in April by this recipe in Silvia Colloca’s blog Silvia’s Cucina, my 5 year old excitedly helped me plant some purple heritage carrot seeds in our raised beds. We have watered them, crossed our fingers that they would not be attacked by carrot fly and both protected them from a rampaging 1 year old armed with beach spade.

So having been eyeing them up all week and pondering on what was below the surface, my husband and son coaxed a few to the surface for a side for our supper of Pan Hagarty ( more about that another day!)

We roasted them along side some spare parsnips with olive oil , garlic and thyme for about 30 minutes on 200c.

I love the taste of roasted carrots as they caramelise and sweeten so am looking forward to the next few from the veg bed.

Thank you Silvia for the inspiration to grow them. Just wished we had planted more!


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