A family picnic at the Palace

It has been such fantastic weather this school holiday and not to miss out , we headed out for a picnic again. I think it Is about our 10th day of picnicking in succession! So picnic packed, children packed and husband bundled into the car, we turned the engine on and we realised we had no plan until I remembered fellow blogger Lucid Gypsy’s post on the ruins of a Bishop’s Palace nearby. She tells its story much more eloquently than I could with fantastic pictures, hence our visit. See her post in the link below.

Now it is only half an hour to Bishop Waltham‘s ruined palace and it is through beautiful Hampshire countryside and quaint villages but no one in the car but me seemed to notice! My 5 year moaned all the way how we were depriving him of watching ” Ben 10″ and did we not know it is the greatest one and we have ruined his day; my near 2-year-old spent the time being Houdini and pulling himself out of the straps of his car seat only followed up by my husband then getting cross as we kept having to stop to put him back in. Oh and did I tell you my husband persistently kept telling us how much his hand hurt from the wasp sting he endured whilst picnicking outside Winchester cathedral yesterday. To be honest I would be moaning if my hand was about 4 times bigger than normal and itched.

Once at the ruins everyone was happy. The kids ran around the ruined walls, my husband was happy with his salami sandwich and I was left for a bit of peace with my camera in the sun.

Thank you Gilly for a great picnic spot !


2 responses to “A family picnic at the Palace

  1. Oh I’m so pleased you went and enjoyed it! It’s a stunning place and all that space for your children – perfect, looks like you pretty much had it to yourselves as well 🙂

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