Autumn wreath

So on Friday morning I dropped one son off at school and another at an ad hoc nursery session for some me time with friends. We had booked ourselves on to an Autumn Wreath making workshop with little or zero experience at all with the lovely Matthew Spriggs of Spriggs in Petworth So down a long farm track to Accolds Farm owned by Alan Waldie Art director for the famed Benson & Hedges and Heineken adverts. Stunningly beautiful half timbered farm and landscape ( house envy !!!) The brief snapshot of photos do not represent the fun, laughter and amazement at what we produced . To note we used ghost squash , painted oak leaves, preserved beech, hypericum berries with foliage, rosehip berries, chinese lanterns, wheat and some variegated green leafy thing that for the life of me I cannot remember what it was! It proudly sits in our family room and to date has not be touched or destroyed by my now 2 year old.


5 responses to “Autumn wreath

  1. Oh Melanie it’s beautiful! Isn’t it lovely to make something that special? Quite a few years ago I did 4 or 5 wreath workshops, Christmas and summer at Killerton, with Sarah Pepper who is now the florist at Darts Farm.

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