Hurricane rhubarb, orange and cardamon cake!

Well St Jude came crashing through our home town at 3am , made a good attempt at what sounded like removing the roof from our house at 5am and then had disappeared by 8am .The was little evidence of damage to our house or area despite media proclamation that it would be the worst storm… Continue reading Hurricane rhubarb, orange and cardamon cake!

Weekly photo challenge: horizon

Having grown up by the sea I have spent a considerable amount of time looking out towards the horizon and pondering on what is out there and where exactly I would be looking if I drew a straight line until I hit land. Unlike landscapes where there are distinct structures in sight , the sea… Continue reading Weekly photo challenge: horizon

Autumn treasures

It has been a funny couple of weeks .First there was the frantic preparation for a children’s sale ( selling their clothes etc not our children!) , the aftermath of the sale and sorting what to keep and what to donate to charity. Then my now 2 year deciding he can do nothing at home… Continue reading Autumn treasures