Autumn treasures

It has been a funny couple of weeks .First there was the frantic preparation for a children’s sale ( selling their clothes etc not our children!) , the aftermath of the sale and sorting what to keep and what to donate to charity. Then my now 2 year deciding he can do nothing at home unless he is glued to mummy and so I in turn cannot do anything. My husband disappearing off to Berlin for work and leaving me to hold the fort. Escaping to Southsea for some air and a stroll on the prom , thinking it was windy and only to find the nearby island had been hit by a tornado ( what this is England!!!!?)when we got home. Stepping out of mummy mode and back into clinician mode on a course on seating, posture and pressure sores( lovely photos) . We have had storms that seem to last for eternity with massive thunder and lightning strikes outside our front window. I have been soaked to the bone in many a deluge on my twice daily school run.

I am shattered and with a few moments of sun this afternoon , the kids and I dug for vegetable gold in the depleted veg beds and discovered a good haul! Celeriac, spuds and the last of the heritage carrots became tea. The Jerusalem artichoke’s sunny yellow flowers are fading and we will soon be able to harvest its goodies . The raspberries have given their last show but the strawberries have decided to blossom again!


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