Weekly photo challenge :”eerie” Muncaster


With the reputation of being Britain’s most haunted buildings, this was a must visit for any aspiring 5 year old ghost hunter on our summer holiday this year.

Reportedly in the building there are ghostly footsteps; doors opening and closing of their own accord; door handles turning; babies wailing; children singing; black shadowy figures; the ghost of  Thomas Skelton and Mary Bragg to name but a few.

Thomas Skelton was the last court jester who died in 1600 and sounds a shady character. Known for sending people to their death on the local quick sands by giving the wrong directions and murdering a carpenter on behalf of his employer. He is believed to be a ghostly mischief maker in the castle and the inspiration for Shakespeare’s Tom Fool.

Mary Bragg was a young housekeeper in the local village of Ravensglass who was murdered in 1805 because of her love affair with a Muncaster footman. Her ghostly form is said to roam the grounds of the castle.

We did not see any such ghouls or ghostly happenings at the castle but am not sure I would spend the night, would you?


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