Autumn memories

In autumn down the beechwood path.
The leaves lie thick upon the ground.
It’s there I love to kick my way.
And hear their crisp and crashing sound.

I am a giant,and my steps
Echo and thunder to the sky.
How the small creatures of the woods
Must quake and cower as I pass by!

This brave and merry noise I make
In the summer also when I stride
Down to the shining, pebbly sea
And kick the frothing waves aside.

(Beech Leaves – James Reeves)

We were crunching and kicking leaves , playing with sticks and spotting fungi this morning at Wisley . It is funny how certain activities remind you of  events from the past and it was this poem that sprang to mind.  Every year there is The Devon and Exeter Festival with a competition of music, drama and poetry. I was entered at primary school age for many years and certainly remember standing on the stage at the Barnfield Theatre reciting this poem. Not sure I won or where I came in the ranking but the poem has stuck in my mind


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