AWOL . Absent parent required to nurture blog. That is what it feels like at the moment! Poor blog and with it nearly being your first birthday!

In truth it is that chaos , lack of time that comes with parenthood . Chaos being in the shape of the 2 year old joker, clown, mountaineer, thief….the allergies are enough to contend with along with the mealtime behavioural antics. I had no idea that a full plate of food could be turned into a frisbee! Now along with the allergies he apparently has glue ear. Explains the loud mouth shouting that goes on daily. Hopefully the volume knob is about to be turned down soon…bring on the grommets!

Oh and my lovely husband is in New York for work. Ok it is not a jolly and he does have to pitch to some clients to save some business in front of his CEO of his company with over 9000 staff. Big company big cheese big wobbly knees.

So here I am on my own. Child number 2 is asleep. Please let him sleep. Pretty please . I only had 2 hours last night. I have gone to bed at 7:30 hopeful of some shut eye and to dream of presents from my husband from Tiffany’s . It will be a dream and not reality. I am trying to sleep but can someone please tell child number 1 to stop singing Christmas songs. He does not need to rehearse for Christmas Nativity now does he?


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