I have become a dab hand at making pasta. No mixing, kneading or rolling required. Each large portion 69p . Bargain!

Shhhhh! We have bought my 2 year old an Ikea kitchen with light up hob for Christmas…well we hope it is as will be in flat pack hell Christmas Eve! His grandparents have bought him wooden play food and I spotted online fake felt pasta at £9:95 a pack! Shocker as only felt after all and feeling as if I am turning into a grumpy old woman, decided to make my own.

So we now have tagliatelli and farfalle! How easy was it to make and what a rip off if bought.

2x large squares of pasta coloured felt
Pinking sheers ( normally found in a Mum’s sewing box and brought out at Christmas for tags!)
Sewing scissors
Matching thread

Easy just cut in straight lines!


Cut oblong shapes about 11/2inches in width and however long felt is
Cut this oblong into 1 inch pieces
Pink the short ends
Pinch the shape in the middle and stitch a number of times to secure shape into butterfly shape.
Be impressed with self!


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