Christmas Eve, power cuts and candles

First came the torrential rain and then house shaking winds to Surrey. Next all went dark and silent in our homes as electricity disappeared just after midnight Christmas Eve morning. We did not sleep as winds so noisy and felt as if the outside of the house was being ripped apart. We were the lucky ones with no damage apart from power loss .

It turned into a day of dashed hopes as each hour passed and no light appeared. We could not open the fridge as defrosting turkey was potentially acting as an ice block . Supermarkets were chaos as all fridges off or shops unable to open at all.

We spent the day as a family huddled in the kitchen playing games and attempting to separate excited children. When the sunset it was games by candlelight

And whilst they played , I felt the history in the Victorian house as I cooked boiled ham, cumberland sauce and veg by candle and hurricane lamp.

As if by magic, some 20 hours later , the lights went back on just after 7pm .The noise and normality of the 21st century returned but still with that mystery of a Father Christmas visit for the children as the last 20 hours were forgotten.


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