Weekly photo challenge: object

Cheri challenges us this week to use an object as inspiration and subject. It was not until I fell across this stone head at St David’s cathedral in my photos that I noticed how intricate and lifelike the carving was. It makes me wonder as an object who made it and what emotion they were… Continue reading Weekly photo challenge: object

Bara Brith / torta negra

For feeding the hungry monster after school this week , I made the welsh bara brith or welsh Argentinian settlers torta negra. I think we eat too much white sugar in our diets and as loaded with dried fruit , halved the sugar in the recipe . It would be fantastic with butter thickly spread… Continue reading Bara Brith / torta negra

Ben’s big “NO” !

So nearly 2 weeks have gone by in grommet land for  our wee not so small boy. Before as a result of glue ear, he  could not hear consonants, could not hear  me shouting stop if behind and would read my lips for understanding it appears. He got by with a mixture of pointing ,… Continue reading Ben’s big “NO” !

Scottish oat biscuits

I often just have cheese and a few crackers for lunch . Today I made some oat biscuits with the copious amount of oat meal I have in the cupboard for some reason . I found this recipe in the Guardian (http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2007/oct/06/foodanddrink.recipes1) was a bit sceptical but was proved wrong! Quick and easy to make… Continue reading Scottish oat biscuits

Vintage granny loaf

So we have a starvin’ Marvin after school these days. He eats the moment he comes through the door to the moment he goes to bed. He is nearly 6 but seems to have an appetite of a teenager. My husband said he was the same and suggested fruitcake. Now to save on the battle… Continue reading Vintage granny loaf