Ben’s big “NO” !

So nearly 2 weeks have gone by in grommet land for  our wee not so small boy. Before as a result of glue ear, he  could not hear consonants, could not hear  me shouting stop if behind and would read my lips for understanding it appears. He got by with a mixture of pointing , dragging us to what he wanted, using makaton signs and generally shouting with stamping of feet . All very much hard work for us and him. The only sounds that came from his mouth were variations of ‘da’ and with a ‘Mumma’ thrown in for good measure.

In the last 2 weeks following grommet surgery , we have come to realise that the small everyday sounds we take for granted are all new for him. Rain on windows, birdsong, the kettle boiling and various tones in music. We know this as he looks amazed and dances animatedly at them!

For us just new speech sounds are amazing .He now has a collection of 3 near words: b(all), (m)ore and the most exciting clear “No” . I know as a parent of an older child that the constant ‘no’ from a toddler can grind you into the ground but for me today hearing it for the first time is like music to my ears.

Bring on the “NOs”!!!!


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