From socks to zebras


A very old friend ( in years not age! ) gave me a ‘ sock in a tin’ for Christmas this year


So I stitched it in secret for a birthday present for my eldest and subsequently stitched another for a potentially jealous younger brother. I still cannot believe he will be all of six years on Friday.How did he get so big?


So I cut, stitched and stuffed the first sock to make the body and legs. The heel makes a good bum!


I cut, stuffed and stitched above the heel of the second sock to make the head

I stitched head and body together head and body

I Stitched and stuffed the arms ( ok I know zebra don’t have arms but you know what I mean!), ears, button eyes and nostrils. I made the mane and tail with 10 lengths of wool knotted together in the middle and then stitched on.

Et voila a zebra!

Now what else can I make from socks?


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