24 hours to lift off

Yes that is how long it took. Our usual style roasting pork is now defunct as have been spoilt by the succulent melt in the mouth morsels of a slow roast. Honestly this really is the best way to do a pig justice! Yes the house did stink of pork but once in a while I think we can cope!

We had our neighbours around for lunch last Sunday but preparation began 24 hours before. I had a 3.5kg pork shoulder that I massaged with minced garlic and fresh ginger; it has to be shoulder for this slow roast as needs the fat content to keep it moist. I then put it in the oven on a high setting roughly 240c, for 30 minutes crackling side up . I then flipped it to crackling side down and slow roasted on 100c for 23 hours. I then turned up the heat up to 220c having turned the joint gently over for another 30 minutes. Hey presto yummy pork which you can carve up with 2 spoons.

The leftovers were soon gone once consumed in a delicious broth based chinese noodle dish. I think I threw in garlic, ginger ,chilli and 2 star anise along with carrot and Savoy cabbage.




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